Recent Cases

(Only select cases are published due to the sensitive nature of litigation.)

Mims, et al. v. Oliver. Civil rights lawsuit against Mims’s former computer science professor, J.D. Oliver. Mims alleges that Oliver demanded sex and in return he would let her enter her own grade into the school’s grading system, or she would otherwise get an F. Mims reported Oliver’s behavior to the university as sexual harassment. The university investigated and substantiated Mims’s allegations, then terminated Oliver. Read and watch: [Case is pending.]

Gina Lynn and New Life Animal Sanctuary. Congratulations to Gina and NLAS in their service mark application to the USPTO. New Life Animal Sanctuary finds homes for nonhuman animals who were tortured but survived vivisection laboratories. Thanks to Wendy Peterson of “Not Just Patents” ( for her escorting NLAS through the process.

Hood v. McKinnon and Fort Bend County. Maurice Hood was wrongfully identified by the County of Fort Bend as having been involved in a home invasion robbery. Consequently, Mr. Hood spent more than two years in jail awaiting trial. Charges were dismissed against him after the jury was impaneled but before the prosecutor started her case. [Case is pending.]

Basler v. Barron and Harris County. Gene Basler witnessed an irate and aggressive Harris County deputy yelling at a motorist, so Mr. Basler started filming him. The deputy released the motorist and arrested Mr. Basler, keeping him in jail over the weekend. [Case is pending.]